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July 9, 2016

"Echo Sparks combines elements of other styles. These include country, honky-tonk, classic rock n’ roll and early blues. There are also elements of Appalachian and Mexican folk music as well. You can even hear traces of X’s Exene Cervenka and John Doe in Kinnick and Valdez’s soaring, often spine-tingling vocal harmonies. The band jokingly refers to its music as "Mexifolkabilly." But, there’s truth in jest. Their style and sound are at once familiar yet original. "
Read the review in 1st Ammendment Media

May 1, 2015

"The sounds of this other California come to life on ‘Ghost Town Girl,’ the new album from the talented trio Echo Sparks. The 10 tracks are built around the tandem vocals of CC Kinnick and DA Valdez, who are supported on upright bass from Cindy Ballriech and surrounded by guitar tones that are equal parts jangle and twang, along with some creative percussion, accordion and organ."
Read the review in Innocent Words

April 19, 2015

"The male/female harmony vocals and country-influenced folk/rock have less in common with contemporary music than with late 1960s/early 1970s acts like the Stone Poneys, It’s a Beautiful Day and the duets of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. Expect twangy guitars, strong melodies and hints of rockabilly and south-of-the-border music."
Read the review by Jeff Burger in No Depression (Also in The Morton Report and

April 16, 2015

"The album's 10 tracks use every gear on the roots-rock stick shift, yet even the trio's most upbeat tunes are laden with an eerie, fogbound mood. The place it evokes feels like California, but a California haunted by the scent of orange groves long after the groves are gone; where the Bakersfield sound is supplanted by the whine of tumbleweeds caroming down abandoned boulevards; and where the Hotel California has some decidedly Overlookian overtones."
Read Jim Washburn's review in The Daily Pilot

April 7, 2015

"If you want to hear what true Americana music sounds like, Ghost Town Girl by Orange County trio Echo Sparks, really delivers on the sound of our native genres. From folk, rockabilly, blues, with a bit of rock, country and a hint of gospel, Ghost Town Girl brings it all together in this harmonically heavy album that shows the real musical range you’ll find on here."
Read the full review on The Music Universe

April 1, 2015

"Echo Sparks’ repertoire is full of engaging melodies and make-the-hair-on-your-arms-stand-up harmonies. I waited over 2 years for their debut album, Ghost Town Girl. Not disappointed. Overjoyed."
Read Peggy Glenn's full review in Songwriter's Square Newsletter

March 21, 2015

"Their self-proclaimed “Sounds of the New Old West” is of high caliber, with D.A. and C.C. providing the bright twang of engaging male and female vocal harmonies through most of the tracks on the band’s debut album Ghost Town Girl."
Read the full review on DOA (For The Love Of Music)

March 17, 2015

"In their newest album Ghost Town Girl, described as “Mexabilly Folk Rock,” Echo Sparks boasts a full, rich and folksy sound that you’ll want to listen to under the stars on a summer night in the country."
Read the full review on Indiemunity

March 16, 2015

"As I mentioned before, it’s a refreshing fusion that really lifts and creates a glow to the soul. It was an absolute pleasure discovering and reviewing this album."
Sadly, Vents Magazine has lost this wonderful review

March 15, 2015

"Echo Sparks are a three-piece folk band from Orange Country set on igniting nostalgia of Old California. Equipped with double bass, acoustic guitars, and an overcoat of sublime traditional harmony, Echo Sparks are your one-stop for a lazy-summer-days playlist. "
Read the full review on Papercut

March 15, 2015

"All I can say now is that I desperately hope that the Orange County trio can muster up the cash to come to the UK sometime soon; because we will absolutely love them and take them to our collective hearts."
Read the full review from No Depression on Rocking Magpie

March 12, 2015

"Echo Sparks’ self-released album fits loosely into the Americana genre with influences of country, folk, rockabilly, Mexicali, and pop music. Featuring double bass, two guitars, and a steady drumbeat, together with a dreamy two-part harmony, the trio delivers the song, “Rolling 60s” with a San Fernando Valley vibe that simply feels far out groovy."
Read the full review in Elmore Magazine

March 12, 2015

"...the music of Echo Sparks pays homage to the early folk outfits while touching on rockabilly, blues, and early jazz. Touring up and down the California Coast for the last three years, Echo Sparks have molded their stories into songs and have now put together a complete body of work, which marks their debut album, Ghost Town Girl."
Sadly, Sound & Silence has lost this excelent review

March 7, 2015

"The lyrics of Princess of Fresno made me smile - it’s one of many songs with California references, whether in place names or items associated with the state. In that respect, the band pays a great deal of homage to their roots."
Read the full review on Monoblogue

February 19, 2015

"The most striking feature of this album are the harmonies that are featured in almost all its tracks. It seems at times that Kinnick and Valdez’s vocals are travelling together down a dusty path in perfect harmony. Kinnick’s clear and, at times, almost child-like vocals also bring a certain sweetness to the entire album, even to the darkest of its offerings."
Read the full review on Blog Critics

January 30, 2015

"Let’s take a ride to time gone by and pay a mind to Echo Sparks with their new killer release"Ghost Town Girl"….Wow. This is one of the best collections I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy in a long time. "Ghost Town Girl" is like taking a ride down the sunny California strip with the top rolled down, sun in your face, hair blowing in the breeze. Old school times in the days of life gone by. Times of dirt roads, traveling medicine show’s, and gold mines. The songs on this album are transcending."
Read the full review in Nashville Music Guide

January 30, 2015

"Their music is honest, heartwarming, and proves to be something magical and unique before the record even finishes. Their approach to making music is not new by any means, but why fix something that isn’t broken? I highly suggest Echo Sparks’ Ghost Town Girl to warm you up on these cold winter days."
Read the full review on Modern Mystery

January 29, 2015

"The title track off of Echo Sparks’ first full-length album, Ghost Town Girl is a wonderful example of the work this indie country trio is doing to preserve California’s tradition of down-home western folk music. Echo Sparks hails from Orange County, California and was formed by guitarist and vocalist, D.A. Valdez in 2013. His vocal partner, C.C. Kinnick and Valdez harmonize their vocals in a classic call-and-response style. They brought on double bass player Cindy Ballreich to add even more authenticity to their unique sound."
Read the full review in Ellenwood

January 28, 2015

"Echo Sparks’ debut album, Ghost Town Girl, is quite the concoction. The Orange County, CA trio is CC Kinnick singing and playing guitars, DA Valdez singing as well as playing guitars, banjo, drums and Cindy Ballreich on upright bass and mandolin."
Read the full review in ShortAndSweet LA/NY

January 28, 2015

"For music fans who miss the romantic and evocative sounds of country and western eras gone by, Echo Sparks have picked up, dusted off and donned the mantles of greats like Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline for modern audiences. With old California folk as their base, Echo Sparks mixes blues, jazz, and just the right sprinkling of indie rock into Ghost Town Girl to give audiences a healthy dose of old west nostalgia with a fresh and modern sensibility."
Read the full review in the Guardian Liberty Voice

January 27, 2015

"In re-tooling classic country western music for the indie set, the band does more for the genre than the diluted pop princesses like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood could ever dream."
Read the full review in the San Diego Free Press

January 26, 2015

"...the band’s style hearkens back all the way back to early blues and Appalachian folk. Music like this sounds like it easily could have been born out of the Laurel Canyon in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Ghosts of The Grateful Dead, Gram Parsons, and early Neil Young haunt these songs, and the band was smart to listen to them."
Read the full review in The Big Takeover

January 20, 2015

"Echo Sparks are a SoCal band that takes pride in heritage from the days of wash tub bass, coyote harmonies, cigar-box guitar, revolutions, Dust Bowl refugees and San Joaquin Valley rail riders. The songs of Ghost Town Girl haunt the street corners and coffee shops that make the world safer for intelligent and irreverence to lay down to make Hey!"
Read the full review in Alternate Root

January 15, 2015

"From folk to rockabilly to old Mexico, you’ll take a journey with each track from Ghost Town Girl. Silver mines, late night gambling, lonely beach side highways…the images Echo Sparks conjures up from the desert and the mountains are enjoyably spooky."
Read the full review in Scallywag Magazine

December 22, 2014

"If you're someone who tries to think about the perfect setting for listening a band, this one will definitely provoke some thought. However, the best way to break that issue down is to say that a lot of settings are perfect for listening to this album. It would be good for a road trip, a night of dancing, or a lazy Sunday morning while you're drinking coffee and perusing the news. That says something about the band. If you've been looking for a new album for any of those settings - or if you just want a really good Americana album- add Ghost Town Girl to your collection. The album will be available in late January."
Gary Schwind, (Review of Ghost Town Girl), ""

July 20, 2014

"Bounding over the fruited plains, they feed their horses ancient grains: 
It’s Echo Sparks, Echo Sparks.
They’ve got a little something, that’s good for feet and brains: 
Echo Sparks, Echo Sparks. 
A bit of Weavers, a little Tarnation, 
They’re the cure for musical perturbation,
Echo Sparks.
They’re what the Devil hears,
When the heralds hark,
They ride the rails and sleep in parks, 
And light old stogies with Echo Sparks, 
Echo Sparks, Echo Sparks, Echo Sparks."
Jim Washburn, (Author, Columnist & Gadfly), "OC Weekly"

June 17, 2014

"These four songs from this relatively new band foreshadow what promises to be a beautifully-rendered full-album release, one that should undoubtedly deserve some of our collective undivided attention when it arrives at some future date."

"There’s no sophisticated studio trickery or abstruse ugliness to be found among these tunes either: what they share between them is instead an amiable country-rock sound which, like all the best western genres, blends together a harmony-rich vocal timbre with acoustic guitars and bass and drums."

"Add to this a lyrical quotient often evoking winsome images of a long-forgotten California and it all makes for a kind of ornate and yet familiar western filigree, rich with an interesting kind of flourish and substance, a sound that belongs in the present day but harkens back to a time when things were probably just a little bit simpler, and perhaps just a little more beautiful too."
Bryan Thomas, (Blogger), "When You Awake"

February 5, 2014

"Echo Sparks create extraordinary music by mixing folk, country and rockabilly into something truly original. Their eclectic sound is hard to categorize. They layer their music with beautiful male and female harmonies delivered by singer/guitarist D.A. Valdez and singer/guitarist C.C. Kinnick. Bassist Cindy Ballreich rounds out their sound with a ferocious Doghouse Bass."
Jody & Judy Timmerman in their "Live Rock Gig" blog
(reposted in the Long Beach Independent). Click on the links for the whole interview!


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